Month: April 2023

Ep 75: Mailbag – Write-Offs From Airbnb, Health Insurance And More

It’s time for another mailbag episode! We have an exciting lineup of topics to discuss today. Listen in as we tackle some current questions from our listeners, and you’ll likely gain some invaluable insights to help you make informed financial decisions. This episode could be very helpful if you’re looking to improve your financial situation and prepare for retirement. We will discuss whether to turn your guesthouse into an AirBnB, when to get Medicare, and more.

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Ep 74: Financial Wisdom From Steve Martin

Steve Martin is a well-known American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and musician. As it turns out, we can learn a lot about retirement from some of his most famous quotes. In today’s episode, we’ll use his words to share wisdom about persistence, talent, choices, income planning, and more.

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