Month: June 2023

Mailbag: Getting Your Spouse on Board, Life Insurance, and More

It’s time for another mailbag episode! We have an exciting lineup of topics to discuss today. Listen in as we tackle some current questions from our listeners, and you’ll likely gain some invaluable insights to help you make informed financial decisions. Today we will discuss what to do if your life insurance cash value is getting lower, how to get your spouse more involved in finances, and when to walk away from your job, 401(k), and stock options.

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Crisis or Opportunity?

Where some people see a crisis, others see an opportunity. Some of it has to do with your mindset, and some of it might have to do with the circumstances of your life. Whether you’re navigating a market crash, have an empty nest, or get laid off, we’ll explain the good and bad that can come from these life experiences.

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