Ep 1: Who We Are and Why We Chose a Podcast

Mark Howard has worked in financial planning for more than three decades and plans to bring that knowledge and experience to the world of podcasting. On this debut episode, we’ll tell you more about Mark, how the business began, and what we have in store for this show.



When we started up a radio show about three years ago, we wanted to help educate people about financial planning and how to prepare for retirement. Thanks to the success of that show and the feedback we’ve gotten from you, we decided to expand our conversations over to podcasting.

It’s a newer medium for many people but the flexibility to be able to listen on your own time and your own schedule has made podcasting one of the fastest-growing mediums in our country. Now we’ll be using this platform to share information, experiences, stories, and more on The Retirement Huddle.

To get us started, we put together a short introduction to give you an idea of who we are and what you can expect from the show. Mark Howard will tell us about his background and how he went from the University of Georgia to the world of finance. We’ll also find out what pushed him to start his own business, the Howard Financial Group.

We also want you to know what the plan is for each show, which will publish twice each month, so let’s spend a little time talking about the goals for the podcast.

We’re excited you found the show and we hope you’ll subscribe and join us for the journey ahead.

Today’s rundown:

[1:55] – Mark explains how he got started in the business.

[3:03] – The two reasons Mark decided to start his own business.

[4:54] – What do you like best about the retirement planning process?

[7:21] – The idea behind the podcast is education.

[8:54] – Looking forward to the show. Here’s where you’ll find it every other week.


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