Ep 60: Mailbag: Short-Term Loans, Staying Conservative, and More

Today we’re diving into the mailbag to answer questions from listeners just like you. We’re taking questions about short-term loans, whether you should be a conservative investor and what’s a good withdrawal rate.



Today we’re opening up the mailbag to answer your questions. Let’s jump into it.

Katie is closing on a new house in a few weeks and needs cash for the closing, but her current house won’t sell in time for her to get cash from that. She doesn’t want to withdraw money from her IRA. Should she just get a short-term loan?

That’s a great question. We have a real estate team here that can help with questions like these. Tom King on our staff is an expert in this area.

The last thing we want to do is dip into an IRA. There are some very creative ways to deal with this. This warrants a 30-minute to an hour-long meeting to help you.

Jim is conservative with his investments after losing a lot of money in 2008. Now that he’s 72, should he keep being conservative?

You are not alone. Many people got hit hard in 2008. The fact that you grew your account and kept investing money over the years is fantastic. We can meet with you to look at your portfolio and do a risk analysis.

Listen to the full episode or use the timestamps to jump to a specific section. Thanks for listening! We’ll be back for another show every other Thursday.

Today’s Rundown:

0:51 – Cash for closing on house

4:41 – Conservative investor

8:29 – Withdrawal rate


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